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Hi! Welcome to my website!  
Growing up a USA Navy brat contributed to my love of adventure. It's no doubt that I've been an animal lover and worked closely with them all my life.  As a child, I was always bringing home the strays.  Today we have two Paso Fino horses, one mini horse, two Chihuahua dogs and four mixed breed cats.   All spayed, neutered and gelded.

 For more than 25 years,  I was an award winning Pet Grooming Shop owner with retail and boarding.  I sold grooming supplies and pet food too. I have served the Pet industry Professionally since 1988 and still at it but in a different capacity. My shop was the first and only Grooming Shop in Prosperity, SC and the second in Newberry County. 

 Pet Grooming requires a lot of hard work, stamina and patience. I closed my shop in August of 2011. After closing my grooming shop, I continued selling grooming supplies online From 1994 to 2007.  My first website was opened in 1999 when I began selling my hand sewn items.  In 2010 I opened my ETSY Shop.  In May 2022 I moved my website to ETSY.

For 17 years, my husband and I were very active and contributed to the cat fancy in various capacities  including testing and participating in the PKD studies through Cornell University in CA with our own cats.  I successfully bred and exhibited the beautiful Silver and Golden Persian Cat within CFA's Southern Region.  In connection with my grooming shop I certified for participation in a study for cat allergies in people.  
It was from my suggestion "Breed Division Winners" (by color) came about. I encouraged the "Code of Ethics" which did not pass until after I left the cat fancy. I had the Highest Scoring Shaded Silver Persian Nationally (Breed Winner) in 1999 with "GC Castle Paws Knight in Shining Armor", aka "SK". He was a pleasure to show because he loved it so much and had tons of showmanship! We had several other regional breed winners.   My cats were treated like royalty and it was it said they lived liked kings and queens; hence, my cattery name Castle Paws.  You may have noticed my pet clothing is named in honor of my cats too! The last of my show cats passed away a few years ago.  They all stole my heart and are dearly missed.

During our time in the CFA, I had other proud accomplishments such as getting the Blue Goldens accepted into Exhibition within our division; creating the color standards for them and improving the color standards for the Silver and Golden Persian and Exotic breeds. We also founded the Food & Breeders Assistance Program within our division. With the help of my friends, it was a long process that no other CFA member had been able to accomplish this for many years leaving the their class often misunderstood and difficult to judge. It was always my opinion they were among the most beautiful of all; hence my reason for choosing this breed to work with and preserve. 

Our CFA Club "Dixieland" was a Breed Specialty Club devoted to the Silver and Golden Persian Cat . I was also very active in the UNITED SILVER & GOLDEN CAT FANCIERS club and publication serving as the first web mistress, writing numerous articles and other tasks over the years. It was my suggestion to create the CFA Mentor Program and "The Kissing Booth' which today is known as the "Ambassador" program.
 It was through the cat fancy that I began making cat show curtains for my own cats. and bringing a new set for every show.  Soon I had fellow exhibitors asking me if I'd sell my extra sets  and to make sets for them too.  Later they asked me to design stud pants for cats and that's, as they say, the rest is history.  That is how I got started selling my hand made sewing items  and I've been "sewing for cats and dogs" ever since.  I miss my seeing my "cat show friends" these days but thanks to the internet  able to keep in touch. 

I LOVE  LOVE LOVE sewing  for my two legged friends and my four legged friends too! Thanks for stopping by.    Hope you enjoy shopping with me. 

Thanks for supporting small USA businesses.
Pamela R. Martin

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