Suspenders for Dogs & Cats
One piece Adjustable Slider Style  
Premium Suspenders
This dog has a 10" Body Length.
This dog would wear a size 20-21 inch slider style suspender.  I
can make the suspenders from a Body length measurement if that
is easier for you to measure but please be sure to write that in.

Please don't worry about getting measurements to the fraction
since they are adjustable but do try to be within one inch.
Castle Paws Designs
copyright 2011- 2016
All rights reserved.
Two piece Adjustable Velcro Style

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For details on measuring please visit
measuring/sizing page.
Slider Style Suspender
Fabric Selection
Strap Length

NOTE:  The difference between
suspenders and "Overalls" is the
suspenders are sewn to the diaper
garment already with Overalls.  
Suspenders are sold separately.