Cat Diapers -Stud Pants -Queen Panties
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    Queen Panties are the diapers for female cats.  Stud Pants are diapers for male breeder cats.   Cat Breeders prefer the
    more manly term of  "Stud Pants".   Whatever name you prefer to use doesn't really matter because the garments are
    all "unisex" made the same regardless of gender.    Please  don't let the various names confuse you.  
    Adult Male breeder cats and unaltered male cats spray urine in order to mark their territory and entice females for
    breeding.  Queens (breeding female cats) will sometimes piddle to entice the male.   Since cats are extremely territorial
    even altered cats (male & female) will sometimes spray or piddle especially if there are multiple cats in the household
    or new cats being introduced.  It's important to spay and neuter before these habits form.
    Sometimes "piddling" is a sign there is something wrong.  It may be a urinary issue.  If your cat has been checked by
    your vet and is still tinkling or spraying then cat diapers or stud pants become necessary.  Cats have a natural instinct
    to spray or tinkle in "their" territory as a way to entice OR threaten other cats and  to lay claim on their territory.  It is a
    natural behavior that some cats still possess from the wild and should not be considered abnormal in a healthy cat.   
    It's there way of saying "hello!  I live here".   Humans; however,  find this highly offensive of course!  In the opinion of  
    cats their urine scents are absolutely divine and outrank even our most expensive perfumes!
    Incontinence sometimes occurs in injured cats, older cats and when other special needs occur.  If you are experiencing
    any of these urinary issues with your cats whether it be a temporary or permanent condition  you have found the right
    place!  I understand!

    Standard Style (most Popular):  My Stud Pants & Cat Diapers are constructed of two fabric layers.  The outer layer
    being a breathable, premium grade 100% cotton  fabric.  The inside fabric is also a soft, breathable, premium cotton
    flannel.   Elastic is sewn on the inside which allows for comfort and mobility. Commercial grade hook and loop (Velcro)
    closures are sewn on the straps and back of the garment for adjustment.  Each and every garment is made by me from
    start to finish.  When possible all materials used in my garments are made in the USA including the elastic.  A washable
    or disposable bladder pad will be required inside the garment.  Bladder Pads sold separately.   A waterproof (P.U.L.)
    Lining is an available upgrade.  
    Overalls:  My Cat Overalls are the same as the Standard Style diaper except they have adjustable Slider-Style  Straps
    sewn on the garment.
    Tail Openings: Round tail openings are trimmed in the same soft fabric as the garment. Diapers intended to hold
    stools should have no tail opening.   Bob- tail breeds will probably be more comfortable without a tail opening. ( To
    enlarge a tail opening cut a straight slit at the top of the tail opening). Diapers with no tail openings are optional from
    the drop down menu at no extra charge. Note: Size XS has a different type opening in order to accommodate the small
    Sizing:  Please measure before ordering.  Measuring eliminates the need for most size exchanges.  My diapers are not
    sized according to weight and they may not be sized the same as others.  A good and proper fit contributes immensely
    to the productivity of my diaper garments.  
    Bladder Pads: When using washable bladder pads, it is recommended to order the optional elastic crotch strap in cat diapers and
    female doggie diapers.  Disposable bladder pads have adhesive; therefore, crotch straps aren't necessary.
    Please read the Pamphlet enclosed with your order prior to using the garments.
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Cat Diapers
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Wire Brush for
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Diapering a Cat
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NOTE:  When using my washable bladder pads, I recommend ordering the optional crotch
strap in cat diapers and female doggie diapers. Disposable pads have adhesive so the
crotch straps aren't necessary.