Grooming is a crucial part  of your pets  life both socially and physically.  A clean, well
groomed dog and cat is a healthy, happy pet.   Most pets love to be groomed or else they
learn to tolerate it well.  It’s important to start grooming early under an experienced &
reputable  groomer and grooming shop environment.

Does my Pet Require Grooming?
All dogs and cats require grooming;  some more extensive than others.    Coats should be
brushed daily, nails clipped monthly and ears cleaned on a regular basis.  Some breeds
require their ears be plucked.  Bathing needs vary according to breeds but most do well
following a weekly, bi weekly or monthly regime while  using only products suitable and
approved safe for dogs and cats.

Breeds such as Poodles, Schnauzers, Cocker Spaniels, Shih Tzu, Llapso, Bichon and long
coated mixed breeds to name only a few, require  professional grooming every 4 to 6
weeks in order to maintain their well kept appearance.

When Should my Pet Be Groomed?
Puppies should have their first visit to the grooming shop at  4 months of age.   By this time
inoculations should be complete and puppy is ready to begin the training initiation to
grooming shop procedures  and socialization.   This is a very important time for puppies.   
Grooming should not be overlooked or postponed.

Should I Feed my Pet Prior to Grooming Visits?
It’s not necessary to feed your pet an entire meal prior to visiting the grooming shop.  
Unless directed otherwise, we will provide treats.

Does my Groomer Need to be Aware of my Pets Health?
Please inform your groomer of any known health conditions, allergies, etc.  Although we
use only organic products approved safe for dogs and cats,  on the rare occasion a pet will
have an allergic reaction to a product.    We need to know if this may happen.

During the grooming session,  your pets’ body is thoroughly examined from head to  toe.   
Although   we  are  not  veterinarians, it’s not unusual for groomers to discover conditions
gone unrecognized by their busy owners. In this event, owners will be notified and may
need to seek veterinary advice.

What Does the Grooming Procedure Entail?
A basic full grooming includes the hair cut, bath, fluff dry, nails clipped, ears cleaned and
plucked if necessary, bows,  bandannas or polish and cologne unless instructed otherwise.

Will my Pets Grooming Fees Always be the Same price?
Extra services and charges include medicated baths, and other special shampoos, teeth
brushed, care of matted coats, flea treatment or preventative, late stay/early pick up, rush
grooming, long coats & specialty clips.  All pets coming into the shop with fleas must be
treated and charged accordingly.

What Happens if my Pet’s Coat is Matted?
All matted coats will be stripped down short according to how close the matts are to the
skin.   This is easily determined once the clipping has begun.  We do not de-matt severely
matted coats!  It’s a painful procedure so please don’t ask us to do that.  While every
precaution will be taken during this delicate procedure of stripping down a severely matted
coat, we cannot guarantee a pet won’t be nicked during the process.   Do not attempt to
remove tight or close to the skin matts with scissors.  A severely matted coat requires the
most skilled groomer. If your pet comes to us matted, we will gladly recommend a suitable
grooming schedule in order to prevent this situation from reoccurring.

Does the Groomer use any Drugs on My Pet?
Absolutely NOT!  We use patience, our knowledge and experienced skills  to naturally calm
and train your  pet during grooming.  Pets that are too nervous or aggressive for
grooming, to the point of requiring sedation, should seek veterinary advice.  We use only
organic products on your pet.  No dangerous chemicals are used in our shop.

Is it OK to tip my Groomer?
Yes!   Absolutely.

Can I get my Cat Groomed?

Yes, we groom cats at Pam’s Poodle Parlor! But we only bathe those we have  bathed  
from  kittenhood.  Cats, just  like dogs,    must become accustomed  to and properly  
introduced    to grooming procedures and shops.   Grooming does not come naturally for
dog nor cat!

It’s a common misconception that cats groom themselves; therefore, require little or no
additional grooming.    Most of the same grooming requirements apply to cats as dogs
other than the products and tools used along with techniques which vary.

Many of the longhair breeds can be kept nicely in a haircut or style just as dogs are.   
Again, just like dogs it’s not necessary to keep a longhair cat in full coat to enjoy them.

Cats tend to have oily coats which require brushing and cleaning or else the coat will matt.   
Brushing also helps remove loose, dead hairs and stimulates the skin and new coat
growth.   Contrary to belief, cats are not self- grooming; they simply like to be kept clean.  
Bathing works wonders for the coat and skin and helps maintain a healthy, happy cat.

Any cat that does not tolerate water well may be cleaned nicely with special dry
shampoos.    These dry shampoos also work well for sick or convalescent cats and dogs.  
We keep these professional quality products  in stock along with other helpful professional
quality pet supplies including holistic dog and cat food.  

Good health starts from the inside out.  A well groomed pet is a healthy, happy pet.  Pam’s
Poodle Parlor is authorized dealers of Canidae, Felidae and Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers
Soul.  Exclusive indoor CAT HOUSE Boarding is available.

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