NEWLY Re-Designed & Improved Handmade, washable  Bladder and Sanitary Diaper Insert Pads
For special needs pets, female dogs in season, incontinence, sprayers & piddlers
Use these washable bladder and sanitary liner pads as an alternative to disposable ones.  Whether you use washable or disposable bladder and sanitary pads
is a personal preference.  Washable pads are made for the eco minded shopper and will fit nicely inside all of my diaper garments.  Save money by washing and
re-using these pads.

Each pad is constructed of fabric layers in a manner which speeds up drying time during the laundry process.   I tested the absorbency, washing and drying time
of these pads myself and concluded this was the best method for making washable pads.  You will notice a new look since I recently changed the design of the
pads by using serged edges.  This created a more slender and accommodating pad without sacrifice absorbency.  Until I get more practice making this style, the
overall pad may not be as "pretty" as I would hope but the pad itself will remain effective.

Bladder and Sanitary Pads are available in Flannel Fabrics and  a Hemp/Zorb blend.  All fabrics are natural organic and eco friendly.  Hemp/Zorb pads are
constructed in one layer of Zorb fabric sandwiched between the flannel & hemp blend or French terry fabrics. All handmade pads have serged edges and the
ends sealed with fray check to prevent raveling.

Hemp is highly absorbent and contains antimicrobial properties.  The Hemp blend fabric is more expensive but an extremely durable fabric, often referred to as
the "bullet proof" fabric.  It is very soft to the skin, launders well and dries quickly.
 The hemp/Zorb blend pad is recommended for maximum urinary
(The Zorb fabric inside is capable of absorbing 10 times it's weight) These hemp/Zorb/flannel fabrics are the same fabrics used for human infant
babies.  Place the hemp side against the skin.

The light pad is recommended for light urine flows or light flows for very small female dogs in season.

May not be large and wide enough for Belly Bands (male doggie diapers).

Both flannel & hemp fabrics work better after multiple washing; however, the fabric manufacturers do not recommend the use of dryer sheets or fabric softener
since it will effect absorbency. All fabrics are machine washable and dry able. One size works for all of my diaper garments.  Simply fold over or double up, stack
or mix them according to the individual need.  These pads may also be used to block tail openings that are too large.

Pads are sold in packages of 6.  Sorry but there is no choice of fabric on these pads.  Hemp blend is only available in it's natural color and contains no dyes.  Sun
dry to whiten.  
Hemp/Zorb - A fabric Blend. Sold in Packs of 6
one side of the fabric is Flannel the other is hemp with Zorb
sandwiched in between. Meant to be stacked & packed in the
diaper according to the amount of absorbency required.
The above photo illustrates what hemp looks like.
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copyright 8-20-2011-2016
All rights reserved.
A few comments from our customers:
Hi Pam, Just to let you know I loved the diaper I ordered...and also the complimentary pad. Can't wait to get the
other pair I ordered. Size large was perfect for my golden retriever.  I will recommend you to all my friends.   All
are made well.
Sharry S.

I just wanted to say thanks a lot!!! Kitty is walking a bit funny right now lol but we just received it today!  Thanks
also for the reusable pads!  This is going to be such a lifesaver..Don't know what we were going to do if we
hadn't found your website for custom made diapers!

Thanks again!
Jessie,Nick,Grandpa Kitty, Cali and Abbott (who are glad they don't have to wear diapers LOL!)

Love the new Hemp/Zorb pads!

Love the washable pads.  Ordered 3 more sets!
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Washable & Disposable
Bladder & Sanitary Pads
One box of 22 light absorbency disposable Simple Solution Diaper Liners.  Recommended for
light excitable urination, puppy training or light seasonal flow in small dogs and cats.  Use inside
washable doggie diapers, stud pants, cat diapers and belly bands as a light bladder pad or
sanitary pad when you don't want to wash pads.  Adhesive strip for attaching the pad inside the
diaper garment.  Change liners as needed.
Dispose in trash container.  Do not flush.

Made in USA by the  Bramton Company.

Not suitable for pets with heavy urination or flows
$8.99 includes shipping within the US
Simple Solution Refill Pad Ultra
Liners Ultra Absorbancy are an
accessory to the Washable
Diapers. They offer extra absorption
when needed. For occasions of
heavier seasonal flow and
urination.  Made in USA by the
Bramton Company.
$8.99 includes shipping within the
Diapering a Cat in Stud Pants
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XS Size Hemp/Zorb/Flannel
Size is approximately 2.5" x 3" for XS Diapers
Pads may also be used to cover tail
openings partially or completely.
Human ladies disposable bladder pads such as "POISE" or
"TENA" (and their generics) may be used in my diapers.  

Some people don't like purchasing these from the store.  If
you are one of those people I will send some to you myself.
Brands will vary as available.
Bladder/Sanitary Pads
Brand Preferred
Add Padded Crotch
to cat diaper.
Size Selection (6)
NEW Style Hemp/Zorb
Size is approximately 2.5" x 6"
Fits S, M & ML sizes