If you don't have a tape string use any
string, rope  or belt then measure on a yard
stick. Get a snug measurement.  If the
diapers are too lose they will fall off.

Waist is the measurement completely
around the  area in front of the back legs
NOTE:  Both dog & cat models to the
left weigh around 5 pounds yet look at
the size discrepencies.  This clearly
illustrates the importance of
MEASURING verses guessing sizes. It's
a little extra work but it pays off and
eliminates the need for most size

Easy Sizing Recommendations
determined by waist measurement
for Cats and Female Dogs

9 to 11.5  inch waist  X Small
12 to 15 inch waist Small
15.1 to 18 inch waist Medium
18.1 to 21 inch waist  M L
21.1 to 25 inch waist  Large
25.1 to 30 inch waist EX Large Petite (K9 BL up to 24 inches)
25.1 to 30 inch waist Extra LARGE LONG (K9 BL longer than 24 inches)
Contact me for Diaper sizes with over 30 inch size waist

My "Standard" diapers can be ordered
padded or PUL (water proof) crotch
For Male Doggie Diapers (Belly Bands) measure the widest mid section
(private area) completely around the body.  Measure  where the diaper
will be covering and use your largest measurement.  
Order that size Belly Band.
To Measure for Suspenders & Overalls start from one side of the waist going
around the neck and crossing over the back again to the waist. (Shown above)
That measurement is the strap length.
Please include this measurement from the drop down menu when ordering.
Castle Paws Designs/Pamela R. Martin
Copyright 1999-2017 All rights reserved.
Waist Measurement:  Needed for Stud Pants, Queen panties, Female Doggie Diapers below:
Standard Equivalents
U.S. Measurement Metric Measurement

1/8 inch = 3.20 mm = 0.32 cm
1/4 inch = 6.35 mm = 0.635 cm
3/8 inch = 9.5 mm = 0.95 cm
1/2 inch = 12.7 mm = 1.27 cm
5/8 inch = 15.90 mm = 1.59 cm
3/4 inch = 19.10 mm = 1.91 cm
7/8 inch = 22.20 mm = 2.22 cm
1 inch = 25.40 mm = 2.54 cm
chest measurement for dresses & vests.  Use widest
measurent, See photos at the bottom of page.  If you are
uncertain about sizes send me your measurements & tele.
Measuring for chest or (girth) measurement for vests, dresses and
.   Order according to the largest measurement so the vest won't be
too tight.
To obtain Body Length (BL) measure where the neck begins or
a collar would sit to the base of the tail (where the tail bends).
measures a size small
measures a size extra small
Measuring for male doggie diapers (belly bands).  
Measure completely around and order the diaper
according to the  largest measurement.
How long does it take for cats & dogs to adjust to wearing diapers?

Our furry companions are individuals just like people.  Some adjust right away while others take
longer to learn the art of tolerating diaper and clothing garments.

Once you have acquired the appropriate diaper garment for your dog/cat I hope the following tips will
assist you both in completing the remainder of the process in an uncomplicated and pleasant manner.

Most importantly, please be patient when first trying the garments on and introducing them to your
dogs/cats.  Please read the diapering instructions before proceeding so you will know in advance
what to do and how to do it.  Make certain not to startle your dog/cat with the garment or indicate the
garment as a punishment.

Allow your dog/cat enough time to see, sniff and smell the garment prior to diapering them. Talk to
them in a calm, soothing voice explaining what you are going to do. Remain calm or else your friend
will sense your nervousness and frustration and he too will become nervous and frustrated.

If your dog/cat escapes from the garment and sizing is correct; simply put it back on again later.
Kindly inform them it is necessary to wear this garment if everyone is to live happily together in the
same household!  Repeat this process over a period of hours, days-however long it takes.  Reward
your dogs/cats verbally and physically; complementing them for wearing their garments.

Dogs/cats previously isolated or caged before being introduced to diaper garments soon learn to
associate their freedom with the diaper garment. Wearing a garment will eventually become a normal  
ritual for all.

Castle Paws Designs
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1846 Fire Tower Road
Prosperity, SC  29127  USA
803-364-0232 Phone or Text
Please note: PAYPAL is an option not a
requirement for my checkout.
MC/VISA/DISC by phone.
Sorry no tracking is available with phone orders.
Please measure before ordering.    Please do not order by size description since diapers with differ from other brands.  Measuring eliminates the need for
most size exchanges AND a good fit contributes to the productivity of my diaper garments.  Get a snug measurement and order that size garment.  
Try the smallest size first when uncertain.
STRAP LENGTH  is required
Pay Methods