Introducing ............
These jumpers were originally designed by special request for a cat with paralized back legs in October of 2010.    Dragging her body for mobility caused the diaper to slide off
so the Jumper was born to accomdate her.  Since then the Jumper has helped a lot of families cope with incontinent pets and other special needs.
Jumpers are a great alternative for dog and cat escape artists too.
The Jumper has
Upper straps (across the back/shoulders) and Lower straps (under the belly area).  
Commercial grade Velcro closures at the waist and shoulders.  The same quality diaper garment you have come to expect from me.
I stopped making the Jumper due measuring complications.
July 2012- My Jumper is BACK by POPULAR Demand. Hopefully these new instructions will be easier to obtain measurements.  The strap measurements don't have to be exact
but should be within a half inch.  The Jumpers are adjustible within an inch or so depending upon size we can always come back and modify.

Jumpers are made with a fabric velcro shoulder strap.  The measurements you send for the upper & lower straps will be the strap length you recieve.  
Strap length will determine where the straps position upon the shoulders.
More pics to follow as I get the new jumpers made and receive feedback from you all.  I have new ideas to incorporate.
Please measure carefully before ordering to avoid future alteration & shipping fees.
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Measuring/Sizing Guide
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Measure  to the
area for
strap length.
Measure to the
area for
strap length

Lower Strap measurement (Belly area)
Upper Strap measurement (Shoulder/back)
Lower Strap measurement (Belly area)
Upper Strap measurement (Shoulder/back)
Upper Strap Length
Upper Strap Length
Measuring strap lengths.
  • For Cat Jumper Orders
  • Please purchase the diaper size from the drop down menu.
  • Measure for the cats upper strap length and lower (pink arrows) strap
    length.(green arrows).
  • Please write-in those measurements in the text area of the drop down
Diaper Size
Fabric Selction
Neck Size
Upper & Lower Strap Lengths
Tele. No.

  • For Dog Jumper Orders
  • Please purchase the diaper size required from the drop down menu.
  • Measure for the dogs upper strap lenth (pink arrows) and lower strap
    length (green arrows)
  • Please write in those measurements in the text drop down menu.
  • Neck measurements should actually be down slightly to the shoulders.  
    The jumpers wear better resting on the shoulders than at the neck.

Customer Comment: Hey Pam,, just wanted to thank you for
my order. I loved the diapers with matching suspenders so darn
cute.  I am always  so impressed with the quality of your work
excellent, perfect choice of fabric you hit the nail right on the
head, love them! The jumper was a perfect fit and a must have
for anyone who has a cat that can get out of the diapers easily.
You have a life long friend with me and my Kitties, Thank You!
Meow from Myrtle Beach!! Tia
Diaper Size
Fabric Preference
Male or Female Cat
Tail opening?
Upper & Lower strap Lengths
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