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  • "I think your Cat pants are awesome!!!"
  • I want let you know how pleased I am with the stud pants
    & suspenders. They are truly a blessing!!!!!!!
Very, very nice and just love how well they work and they're just
so cute.  Your stud pants where the best Christmas present I
could have received this year!   Sav-R-Cats of Myrtle Beach.

  • I received the 3  stud pants I ordered for my
    Persians……in record time too ! They are great, well made
    &  fit like a glove.  Thank you very much, I’ll be back in
    the future ;-))

  • I'm so happy that I found something that works for my
    cat!  I liked the quilted ones so well I bought 2 more pair!

  • These diapers are a lifesaver!!  Definitely recommend!

  • The new SL stud pants fit my cat great, and he is walking
    around much more comfortably than he did in the smalls.
    I think his hips were constricted with the smalls. Thank
    you for all your kind assistance in getting this right for
    me. My cat seems so much happier walking around the
    house now instead of being restricted to the kitchen.

  • Thanks for making a great product!

  • I just wanted to thank you for making cat diapers.  My
    moms cat was having a problem with spraying and my
    mom didn't know what she was going to do with him.  I
    got on ebay and found your cat diapers and ordered one
    up, hoping that it would work.  I have just recently
    ordered a second one for him and he's doing great with
    them.  Nicole
  • Your diapers have been a lifesaver, literally -- I do rescue
    work and have a very nice older male neutered cat who
    has been peeing outside his box because of a thyroid
    cancer problem.  The diapers I'd ordered previously have
    allowed me to keep him rather than having him put to
    sleep, as was suggested.  I'm passing your website info
    along to others doing cat rescue work.  Great products!  
  • Dear Pam,I received the little cat diapers safely and
    thanks again for replacing them so quickly.  You do
    beautiful work and as I said before, the diapers are life
    savers, quite literally in the case of kitty John.  I'll be
    ordering more in the near future! Thanks again!  Diane
  • The best seller I have ever worked with. They went above
    and beyond in service
  • Many thanks, I do appreciate the quality you put in to
    your items, I love that they are eco-friendly!
  • Never thought I would get so excited over cat pants but I
  • Received my order today and they are a perfect fit, great
    quality too.Thank you so very much. look forward to
    doing future business with you!
  • Hey Pam,, just wanted to thank you for my order. I loved
    the diapers with matching suspenders so darn cute.  I am
    always  so impressed with the quality of your work
    excellent, perfect choice of fabric you hit the nail right on
    the head, love them! The jumper was a perfect fit and a
    must have for anyone who has a cat that can get out of
    the diapers easily. You have a life long friend with me
    and my Kitties, Thank You! Meow from Myrtle Beach!! Tia
  • This has got to be the least bulky, best fitting diaper for my downer
    Siamese. It is the only diaper I have found that does not fall down/off
    as he scoots!  
  • thank you for you products and I want to let you know how much they
    are helping people who have cats that are urine marking.  I'm the
    behaviorist for Tree House Humane Society and have used your
    diapers on my own cats and referred many clients to you.  I'm so glad
    to find a better alternative to urine marking.  Joan
  • Just want to say thanks the cat diaper works Great if not for your
    diaper I would have had to get rid of my precious Rag Doll Cat. The
    diaper worked.....  Thanks Just ordered a second one. Robyn
  • Wanted to let you know I love these cat diapers!  They work and it
    didn't take long for my cat to get used to wearing them.  You are a
    life-saver!  Donna
*Hi Pam, Just to let you know I loved the diaper I ordered...and also
the complimentary pad. Can't wait to get the other pair I ordered.
Size large was perfect for my golden retriever.  I will recommend you
to all my friends.   All are made well.  Sharry S.

*I just wanted to say thanks a lot!!! Kitty is walking a bit funny right
now lol but we just received it today!  Thanks also for the reusable
pads!  This is going to be such a lifesaver..Don't know what we were
going to do if we hadn't found your website for custom made diapers!
Thanks again!
Jessie,Nick,Grandpa Kitty, Cali and Abbott (who are glad they don't
have to wear diapers LOL!)

*Love the new Hemp/Zorb pads!

*Love the washable pads.  Ordered 3 more sets!
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