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Our Pets are Family!  

  • If you are experiencing inappropriate urinary issues or incontinence with your dog
    or cat or have a female dog in season, a spraying Stud Cat, piddling female -You are
    in the right place!

  • I am a USA Handcrafted Pet Clothier specializing in premium made dog & cat diaper
    garments since 1999.  I am constantly improving my designs. My garments protect
    your surroundings at home, during shows, hotels & travel, during visits with friends
    and family, etc., etc.  Maintain your dogs and cats dignity with confidence.  It's no
    longer necessary to confine or restrict their activity when properly outfitted in my
    garments. They are comfortably worn as often as necessary.

  • American made fabrics & supplies are used whenever possible including thread &
    elastic.  Commercial grade hook and loop closures (Velcro) are incorporated into the
    design.   Natural, breathable, soft cotton blend fabrics are used with no plastic, no
    flimsy knits nor bulky fabrics making these garments lightweight and easy to wear.
    An elastic holding strip is sewn inside pants/panties for the insert bladder or sanitary

  • All diaper garments are fully lined in soft cotton flannel fabrics. All seams are top
    stitched.  Machine wash, dry and use again and again.  All workmanship is
    guaranteed for one year.  World Wide Shipping!  Turn around on made-to-order
    items is 5 to 10 business days.

    Male Doggie Diaper Styles aka Belly Bands

  • Belly Bands:  Male Doggie Diapers simply wrap around the mid section covering the private
    areas.  Elastic sides with 2 inch wide hook and loop closures, two layers of absorbent padding
    is sewn inside the garment.  A washable or disposable bladder pad will fit inside the garment if
    required for heavy urine flows.

measuring/sizing guide.

  • Female Doggie Diaper Styles (aka Bitches Britches)
Bladder or Sanitary Pads required for all styles according to the individual need.

  • Standard Style diapers (most popular) are constructed of two layers of fabric with
    adjustable Velcro closures at the waist.  Elastic is sewn inside the fabric at the back and legs.
    A washable or disposable bladder or sanitary pad is to be worn inside the garment.  Size and
    weight of the pad selected is dependent upon urine & seasonal flow.  (see pads)  (Pads sold
    separately).  Newly re-designed May 2013.

  • Overalls are diapers with adjustable slider style straps sewn onto the
    diapers.  The overalls work well for escape artists or dogs with difficulty
    keeping their diapers up.

Kitty Cat Diapers & Stud Pants

  • Cat diapers are diaper garments for cats.  Stud Pants are aka diapers for male breeder
    cats and Queen Panties are aka diapers for female breeder cats.

  • Standard style diapers are constructed of two layers of fabric, adjustable Velcro waist
    closures.  Elastic is sewn inside the fabric at the legs and waist.   A washable or disposable
    bladder pad should be worn inside the garment. (see pads)Newly re-designed May 201

  • Overalls are diapers with the adjustable slider style straps sewn on to the diapers.  The
    Overalls may be necessary for some cats while others find the straps to be a hindrance
    and something else to contend with.  This is especially true for active cats.   Diapering
    always requires patience and a trial and error period which varies according to the
    individual cat and their caretaker.  Newly re-designed May 2013.
Catnip Pillows
Cat Bibs

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Diapering a Cat in Stud Pants
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Bladder and sanitary pads are sold separately.

Pad selection is a matter of personal preference.
For the eco minded shopper I make washable bladder and sanitary pads.

Disposable bladder and sanitary pads are available on my website.  Ladies human
bladder pads may be used and are available at all drug stores.   Ladies bladder
pads in large sizes may require cutting but will accommodate all of my diaper
Detachable Suspenders for
dog & cat diaper garments
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