Pam's Poodle Parlor
Boarding at our Bed & Bath

  • Peaceful, Country Setting.
  • Plenty of TLC & Personalized
  • Maid service twice daily.
  • Purified Water.
  • Private Suites.
  • Dogs & Cats Separate when
    necessary or by request.
  • Fenced outdoor Play yard.
  • Plenty of windows.
  • Heat & AC.
  • Clean, sanitary environment.
  • Small, personalized facility.
  • Scratching posts, catnip &
    perches for cats with windows
    for bird watching.
  • occasional music & tv.
  • Grooming.

$15 a day each pet
$10 a day second pet same

Photos of our Place.
Peaceful Country Setting;
Personalized attention
Check in & Departure Times:

*Check in/departures Tuesday thru Friday 7:30 to 11:00 AM.

*Reservations necessary.

*After hour check in/ departures by appointment $5.

*Tour of our dog & cat house
by appointment Tuesday-

What is NOT Permissible?

*Sorry, but we cannot accept dogs or cats with contagious
diseases.   Sick pets should board at their vet.    That’s
where the sick pets go.

*Pets with special needs and health conditions such as
diabetes should be pre-approved prior to boarding with us.

*We cannot accept pets without proof of rabies vaccination
as required by SC law.  We strive to provide a healthy and
safe environment for your pets.  Vaccinations should  be

*Limited  accommodations.   Please make your reservations
well in advance.

Pam’s “Cat House” is an exclusive Cats ONLY facility.   
Although dogs and cats do willingly co-habituate, the “Dog
Houses” are separate unless requested.  Let me know if you
want your cat in the cat house.

We hope your pets enjoy their stay with  us as  much as we
enjoy having them.   Don’t worry if you forget to bring your
dog or cat’s pajamas.   We have extras!
*To avoid upset stomach, withhold food a couple of  
hours prior to transporting.

What Should I bring?
*Please bring your cat in a carrier or else you may
purchase one from us.  Dogs should be leashed or
crated upon entry.

*Any special food or medication required with clear
written instructions.  If your pet is a finicky eater it’s
best to bring his/her own food and special treats.    
We feed Felidae/Canidae/CS.

*You may bring a small toy & bed or something small
that smells like home.   Please don’t bring any
irreplaceable or large items.   We cannot be responsible
for lost, soiled  broken, torn or chewed items.  

*FOR CATS:  Please provide any special litters. (We use
Fresh Step).
*FOR DOGS:  Please provide piddle pads if used.

*PROOF of current rabies certificate is required for
both dogs & cats.  Feline Rhinotrachetis inoculation
(PCT) is required FOR CATS.  DHP/PV
Distemper/Parvo/Hepatitis for Dogs.  
We cannot be
responsible for unprotected pets!

What is Provided?
*Experienced, caring,  qualified staff.
*Plenty of TLC!!  Playtime.  Privacy.   
*Room Service.
*Maid service twice daily.
*Purified drinking water.
*Healthy treats unless instructed otherwise.
*Sanitized food and water bowls.
*Clean and safe environment.
*Beautiful, Tranquil Country Setting with homey
atmosphere;  windows with a view.
*Dogs are walked outdoors for potty unless instructed
otherwise.  (Fenced outdoor area available for dogs
*Spacious & private Suites with window view of
gardens, waterfall, various wildlife  and bird watching.
*Bedding, occasional TV, soft  music during the day.
*Climate controlled facility.
* Our cattery/kennel accommodations are designed
exclusively for cats & dogs with their comfort in mind.
*Litter and litter pan is provided for cats.
*Catnip, cat trees & toys for cats, suitable toys for
*Scratching post for cats.
What is Required?

*A healthy dog & kitty, free of fungus, fleas and any other
contagious illnesses.  

*Current copy of valid Rabies certificate REQUIRED upon
entry.   NO EXCEPTIONS.   Required by SC Law.

*FOR CATS:  Proof/copy of current Feline Rhinotrachetis
inoculation from your vet.

*Dogs must be current on their inoculations. OWNERS

*Flea preventative.  Any Pets entering with fleas will be
treated and charged accordingly.

*Boarding agreement must be signed and completed by

*All kitties over 7 mos. of age must be spayed or neutered

Extra Special Services Available:

*Pam’s Poodle Parlor offers full service Professional  
Grooming for your Dogs & Cats during their stay.
*Brushing, combing, Furminate $4 & up each session.
*Sanitary clip $8
*Ear cleaning $6, nails clipped $6.
*Paw pads hair trimmed $10
*For Cats:   clipping the coat $35 & up includes pedicure
and ear cleaning.
*Cat bath with coat clipping $20
*Cat bath & dry $30  (includes brush, nails & ears
cleaned)  DRY BATH $22 & up
*Cat bath & clip $55 & up includes nails and ear cleaning.
*Teeth brushed $5
Full Grooming  for small dogs $42 & up
*Medium Dogs $47 & up
Includes, nails, ears cleaned, bath, dry, haircut & bows or
*Dog Baths $22 & up  includes nails and
*Private daily aerobics available upon request.   We will
exercise your cat/dog.  Each 10 minute session $5.
*Administer prescription meds.   $2 each time, each day.
*Doggie /kitty Day Care  $8.

*Dog & Cat food always available.  We are authorized
dealers of Chicken Soup For the Pet Loves Soul and  

*All sorts of dog & cat supplies, beds, carriers, pet attire &
toys are available.

*Please specify if you prefer your cat  or dog remain in
his/her suite at all times.   

*Pets may have free run of the indoor facilities at
designated times on an individual household basis;
however, this is not guaranteed unless the activity is
requested and scheduled daily for your pets.   
Arrangements for a private run of the cattery or kennel on
an hourly basis at $5 each session per household.  Private
outdoor runs also available for dogs.

Rates & Accommodations:
We are a small , but comfy facility, meaning we are only
able to accommodate about 6 dogs and 6 cats at
maximum capacity.  Dogs & Cats are housed in separate
quarters.  Prices subject to change.

*CHARGES ACCRUE BY THE DAY. Discount rates for
multiple pets applies only to cats and/or dogs under 10
pounds.  Dogs over 10 pounds will  be housed in separate
Garden Suites or a Palace Suite if available.

*Garden Suites $15 a day for first pet;  additional family
pet sharing their suite $8,  limit 2 compatible cats and/or 2
dogs under 10 pounds.

*PALACE SUITE or Family Suite-$20 a day. 15’ X 30’ Palace
Suite suitable for royalty!  Special bedding, private
windows view & perch, cat tree.  For Dogs, windows all
around and personal outside passage door.  Limited

*Second Pet in Palace Family Suites $10.
View of Outdoor fenced Kennel area.  We've
been boarding since 2005.
A must have book!
Also available for
in store pickup.
Dog & Cat Boarding by Reservation.
Limited Space available.

We are a small facility catering mainly to my grooming
customers.   I keep only one or two families at a time so the
pets get personal & individualized attention.  Since we
usually already know each other there is less stress on your
pet while you are away.

Please furnish your own bedding upon arrival or purchase
a bed from us.   We highly recommend you bring something
from home with your home smell on it or bring a couple of
favorite toys, but please don't bring anything valuable or
irreplaceable and bring only one small item.

Cats should arrive in carriers.
Dogs should be leased.

We feed Chicken Soup Brands, Canidae, Premium Edge,
Prairie, Diamond and other holistic brands.  If your pet is
finicky eater or requires special food please bring the food.  
You  may also bring special treats.  

There's no place like YOUR home but ours is second best!
Your pets deserve a vacation with us!