Your cats wear these Bibs as a decorative collar; to control excessive
licking, protecting the ruff at home, during shows, feedings and watering.   
My bibs are all unique fabric prints and sometimes one of a kind since they
are handmade: therefore, may differ from photo samples. Sold in groups of
TWO for both males and females,

SIZING:  kittens and adult size.  I've made some changes to the
sizes.  The former adult size is now size LARGE.  The former kitten
size is now the adult size.  I'm making a smaller size for kittens
now.  Large Adult size fits  12 inch necks and is longer for very
large cat or sitting in the show hall.. Adult size is up to 10 inch neck
size and kitten is slighter smaller than 10 inch neck. So if you've
been ordering the adult size and they fit-you will now need to order
size large.  Effective Sept. 2016.

All are machine washable and dry with the exception of the show bibs.  
Delicate washing may be necessary with some intricate fabrics and
embellishments used for show bibs.  Air dry.

The turtle necks are stretch ribbed knit fabric that slip over the head and
hold hair away from the face. No raw edges- all edges serged.

P.U.L Bibs have the waterproof backs and are available in the quilted
as well. These bibs are great for feeding & watering.   The quilted
bibs are available with or without the P.U.L.backing.  I've since added the
flannel which are more absorbent.  In order to make the bibs more
lightweight and easy to wear I've started serging the edges.  Please let me
know how you like this new style.

Quilted Bibs are Hand quilted by machine.

The Lace & chiffon Bibs are popular due to their light and airy
wear-ability.  For any occasion and made in various colors according to
fabric availability.

The Everyday Bibs are constructed of 100% cotton fabrics available in
various colors and prints without lace, rick rack and/or bow
embellishments.  Lightweight, natural, breathable fabrics easy to wash &

Satin or Tafetta Back Bibs to prevent coats from snagging.  I will only use
the high grade satin fabrics.

Show Bibs are available in brocade satin, Solid color Satins and Sequin
fabrics and ar embellished with various laces & bows.   Order those when
you want "fancy smancy".

Hook & Loop Bibs are recommended for small kittens since they are more
adjustable.  Available in adult and kitten sizes, everyday fabric, quilted and
batting or flannel lined. NO P.U.L. in hook and loop bibs.

Please request several colors options when ordering.  I will do my best to
honor those requests; however, please understand that colors and fabrics
are seasonal and subject to availability.  I appreciate your patience and
understanding while your bibs are being created.  
Ready-made bibs are
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A Brocade Satin Show Bib
Tuxedo Style
Quilted in one layer or P.U.L. Backing
PUL Bibs have no embellishments.
Ivory Poly Lace
Gathered Bib
won't snag fur
Cotton "Everyday" bibs
(no embellishments)
Bubba Modeling
wearing Large
Adult size Tuxedo
Style Bib with lace.
Pink Lace
Gathered Bib
with ribbed
knit neck
Brocade Satin
Fabric "Gathered" Bib
Modeled by
my 7 mo. domestic
shorthair calico.
Tuxedo Style
"Everyday" Bib
Cotton "Everyday" bib
Cotton Bibs with
Embellishments and lace.
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Hook & Loop Bibs
Tuxedo Style
Male or Female
2-3 Color/Fabric preferences
tele/Breed/notes to me
Hook & Loop Bib Quilted