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  • Protect your surrounding at home, during travel or while visiting
    family and friends with confidence while maintaining your dogs
    dignity. Our Male Doggie Diapers are a must for leg hikers,
    hosers, puppy training, incontinence and other inappropriate
    urination. You will need several pairs in order to keep your dog
    comfortable and sanitary.

  • Castle Paws Designs Belly Bands are individually handmade by
    dog and cat fancier and professional.  My new belly bands  
    have two layers: Hemp & Zorb:  Zorb contains only tangled
    cellulose fibers from bamboo/cotton/viscose and poly micro
    fibers.  Non-allergenic, durable and easy to sanitize. Zorb is
    manufactured in the USA and Canadian in modern facilities that
    are safe & friendly for workers and the environment. Hemp is
    extra absorbent but lightweight so the garment is not bulky.  
    Both fabrics are sewn inside the garment. (Both fabrics are
    used in human baby diapers). Room enough to add a washable
    or disposable bladder pads when extra protection is required.

  • Soft, durable and breathable natural cottons and flannels
    fabrics are used.  No flimsy knits or plastics are used in our
    belly bands.  USA made fabrics,and materials are used when

  • The belly band has no raw edges.  All seams are top stitched.

  • Elastic on both sides of the band for a functional and
    comfortable diaper.  2 inch commercial grade Velcro closures
    for easy size adjustments.

  • Eco Friendly!  Machine washable and machine dry on low
    setting or air dry flat.  I recommend laundering wrong side out
    with the Velcro closed.  Save money and our environment.

  • Sizes range form 8 to 34 inches.  Band width range from 4 to 9
    inches.  Please list exact size measurement in drop down menu.

    diapers are sized by girth measurement.   They are  adjustable
    so you have some play; however, you still need to measure the
    widest area the diaper will cover for males.   Please do measure
    another belly band because that will not give you the correct
    size for my garments.  

Castle Paws Designs
Male Doggie Diapers
Belly Bands
Please write in under "notes" if you have a specific color or fabric request
not listed & will do my best to match; however,  
selecting "no preference" fabric will expedite your order the quickest.
Please select " no preference" fabric only is you aren't fussy about prints.
Customer comments:
  • Hello, we received the items and are thrilled!  They fit perfectly - VERY nice work!
    Thank you so much for making these for Tbone.
  • OMG! What a cute way to take care of a problem!   Excellent quality too!
  • I LOVE these belly bands!  They are so well made and I don't need a pad inside. I
    will be ordering more.
  • These bands are really working and I'm so happy!!
  • Can't believe I waited so long to try these!  They are a lifesaver!
  • These are the worlds BEST Belly bands!
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