Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can my cat pass a stool in the diaper?  Yes, if there is no tail opening the stools will
    remain inside the diaper garment.  Diapers with tail opening have enough room for most
    cats to pass a stool while wearing their garment; however, this may soil the garment.  
    For that reason it is wise to have extras on hand.  Please remember the garments main
    function is to contain urine.  On the bright side of things stools are easier to clean up
    than urine.   

  • How do I measure my dog/cat?

  •  How can I clean up my dog & cat's behind without giving a complete bath? Yes,  
    Davis waterless shampoos is available on my website or use a non alcohol disposable
    wipe.  Be gentle and do not scrub the anus because it is very sensitive.

  • Why is my cat tinkling around the house?  Sometimes it's a sign there is something
    wrong.  It may be a urinary issue.  If your cat has been checked by your vet and is still tinkling or
    spraying then diapers or stud pants are necessary.  Cats have a natural instinct to spray or tinkle
    their territory as a way to entice OR threaten other cats, and  to lay claim on their territory.  It is a
    natural behavior that some cats still possess from the wild and should not be considered abnormal
    in a healthy cat. It's there way of saying "hello!  I live here".   Humans; however,  find this very
    offensive but to cats their urine scents are divine!

  • How long does it take for a cat or dog to become accustomed to wearing
    garments?  Our furry companions are individuals just as people.  Some adjust right
    away while others take longer to learn the art of tolerating diaper and clothing garments.

    Once you have acquired the appropriate diaper garment for your dog/cat I hope the
    following tips will assist you both in completing the remainder of the process in an
    uncomplicated and pleasant manner.
    Most importantly, please be patient when first trying the garments on and introducing
    them to your dogs/cats.  Please read the diapering instructions  before proceeding so
    you will know in advance what to do and how to do it.  Make certain not to startle your
    dog/cat with the garment or indicate the garment as a punishment.

    Allow your cat enough time to see, sniff and smell the garment prior to diapering them.
    Talk to them in a calm, soothing voice explaining what you are going to do. Remain calm
    or else your friend will sense your nervousness and frustration and he/she too will
    become nervous and frustrated.

    If your dog/cat escapes from the garment and sizing is correct; simply put it back on
    again later. Kindly inform them it is necessary to wear this garment if everyone is to live
    happily together in the same household! (It is completely normal for them to walk "funny"
    or fall over until they learn how to walk wearing a garment). Repeat this process over a
    period of hours, days-however long it takes for them to learn.  Reward your dogs/cats
    verbally and physically; complementing them for wearing their garments.  Most of be

    Cats previously isolated or caged before being introduced to diaper garments soon learn
    to associate their freedom with the diaper garment. Wearing a garment will eventually
    become the normal household routine.

  • How often should I change the diapers and pads?  This will depend upon flow and based on
    individual situation.  Urine flow will vary with the size of the cat and type of flow.  Whether the garment
    is to hold all urine flow or some.  Trial and error will determine your individual needs.

  • Do you ship Internationally?  Yes I do; however, my check out cart doesn't know how to calculate
    international charges so they will be calculated manually.  I will invoice you for the balance due once
    your order is complete and ready to ship. USPS First Class International is around $18.  USPS
    Priority Mail (faster) is about $28 +.  Charges are based upon package weight.  Please include your
    telephone number when ordering so that it may be included on the customs form to help delivery.

  • What if the tail opening is too large for my cat?  A pad may be used to slide up over the tail
    opening.  Other style tail openings can be made in the garments by special order. You may also
    stitch it closed more.

  • What is the tail opening is too small for my cat?   You may enlarge the opening by clipping the
    top portion on the tail opening with a small, straight slit.  This may cause some fraying of the fabric.  
    To prevent raveling or fraying apply "Fray Check" to the area cut, then iron.

  • Do you have other fabrics not shown on your website?  Yes!  Enough to open a fabric store!


  • What type of diaper garment should I try first?  I always recommend my "Standard Style" first  
    especially if you are uncertain about straps.  Some cats and dogs find them annoying while others
    cannot keep their garments on without the straps.  You may always order my Suspenders later and
    the straps can be cut off so it's your call.  

  • Will the straps on "Overalls" choke my dog or cat?  The straps are adjustable and should be
    lose enough to fall just below the neck slightly onto the chest area.  They should only be tight
    enough to hold the diaper and lose enough to allow movement.

  • How long does it take to receive my order?  I understand the urgency and work diligently to
    process all orders as soon as possible.  Orders are processed in the sequence they are received.
    Ready made items are shipped within 24 hours.  Made-to-order items are shipped within 5 to 10
    business days once received for processing.  If you'd like to upgrade to USPS Priority or Express Mail
    please ask for it otherwise most orders are shipped first class when possible.  DAVIS products must
    be shipped USPS Priority Mail or Express due to the weight.  Any order that totals more than `13 oz
    must be shipped USPS Priority Mail. Orders processed online will be sent the automated  tracking.

  • What is P.U.L.?  P.U.L is the abbreviation (acronym) for Polyurethane laminate.  This fabric is very
    lightweight, waterproof and breathable.  It can be machine washed and dried over and over again.  
    P.U.L. is used in many hospital products and human baby diapers, pad, bibs etc.  It is safe to use.  I
    am making bladder pads with one layer of P.U.L.  To be used for the bottom layer with my regular
    washable bladder pads.  Recommended for heavy bladder flows, leakage with the washable pads or
    diaper garments.   May be suitable to use alone with very light flows or piddles in small dogs and

  • Do I need a PayPal account to use the Castle Paws Designs checkout?   You are welcome to
    use your PayPal account but NO- it is not required.  It's your option to pay with whatever method you
    prefer.  My check out is generated by PayPal and is capable of accepting other credit and debit
    cards- even a check; however, please note that paying with a check will delay your order up to 5
    extra days since it cannot be processed until the check clears.  PayPal is my online bank so using my
    check out it is no different than paying me with a credit card from your bank which differs from mine.
    You are welcome to open a PAYPAL account and you may apply for special credit card rates too.

  • Are Returns Accepted?  Due to the nature of our product and the fact most are made-to-order,
    diaper garments and all made to order items are not returnable for refund.

  • Are Size Exchanges accepted?  Size exchanges with advance approval on clean, unworn and
    unlaundered diaper garments are permissible.  Diapers must be returned in original selling condition
    free of any hair particles or soiling.  Please use paper towels or tissues inside the garment for first
    fitting.  $6 minimum Shipping & handling charge applies to all exchanges.  Please contact me for
    ASAP for authorization, instructions and amount due  if you need a size exchange.   Please make
    checks payable to Castle Paws Designs or Pamela Martin.  Size exchanges for expedited upon arrival.

  • What is Quality Control?  If you receive a product that is damaged, incorrect or incomplete please
    contact me ASAP.  I will repair or replace your item at no cost to you including the shipping.  Sewing
         workmanship is guaranteed for one year.  This does not include abnormal wear, tears, rips
         and hook & loop (velcro).  Item(s) must be returned to me for an assessment.

  •   Laundering: All diapers are machine washable and eco-friendly. Close the hook and loop when
           l aundering; turn and wash inside out. Warm water may be used.  Machine dry low or air dry.             
Remove disposable pads.  Use a wire brush to remove excess hair.  Do not use fabric softeners on the
washable pads as this will reduce their absorbency.
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